The island country of Barbados has evidently decided to drop Queen Elizabeth as Head of State, effective a year from November. The accompanying reportage and editorial articles come from the Virgin Islands Free Press, an established regional outlet. The author of the latter of the two articles, from 24 September, reports commentary made by a UK legislator and opines that influences on the Barbados government to take the sovereignty decision at this time include pressure from the government of China.

Influence over the island’s politics offers potential military strategic and international law enforcement advantage due to its location at the center-east of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. Analysts should take note of the VIFreepress author’s warning that the move to distance the UK from the island republic is being promoted by China because, if true, this communist influence could logically support and benefit the Cuban Communist Party and Bolivarian regime in Caracas as well.

…Barbados will take the next logical step toward full sovereignty…

Source: “God Save the Queen! Barbados Says It Will Remove Queen As Head of State,” VIFreepress and Reuters, 16 September 2020.

“While in 2019 the Domincan Republic exported $5, 125.9 million to the United states, the value exported to the Asian market was only $200 million…Nevertheless, Abinader clarifies that diplomatic relations with China will be maintained and that the Administration is open to whatever investment that Chinese businessmen wish to make, so long as they are not in strategic sectors of national security…President Abinader is quite clear that he must maintain close relations with the United States in spite of the tensions between that country and China.

And it is that for several years, the United States is the principal destination of Dominican exports and imports…China is not within the first five places…In 2018, the United States represented 77.4% of the remittances that came to the Dominican Republic, in 2019 it represented 76.4% and between January and July of the current year it represented 81.8% of the $4, 302,6 million that came into the country in this form.

China does not figure into the countries sending remittances of the Central Bank…In 2019, US Americans represented the largest quantity of tourists that visited the country by air, with a total of 2,030, 257, above other countries such as Canada, or regions like South America or the continents, like Europe. This year, only 11,880 tourists from China, according to the central bank.”

…swapping a symbolic Queen in Windsor for a real and demanding emperor in Beijing…

Source: “China’s $490 Million ‘Investment’ in Barbados behind Snap Decision to Remove the Queen,” Vifreepress, 24 September 2020.

“China is behind Barbados’ snap decision to remove the British Queen as its head of state. That’s the shocking claim of a conservative member of the UK Parliament who said that a Chinese investment of $490 million in Bridgetown’s tourism infrastructure forced the Barbadian leader’s hand in the matter this month. ‘Some islands seem to be close to swapping a symbolic Queen in Windsor for a real and demanding emperor in Beijing’, Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the UK’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said…Barbados, meanwhile, has received at least $490 million, mostly as investment in the tourism sector, but is also thought to be benefiting from private deals.”

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